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FOR AUG. 30, 2021 7:00PM MST RELEASE

Avalanche Alliance HQ

Rigby, Idaho


Avalanche Alliance has partnered with Lynx, Fly Racing, KLIM, Marlon, Timbersled and others to give away a custom-built 2022 Lynx Boondocker 850 with many other incredible prizes to raise money for avalanche awareness and education initiatives around the U.S. Avalanche Alliance is made up of multiple companies and organizations across the motorized community who all collaborate to bring Avalanche Education and Awareness to the forefront of our industry. Proceeds from these sweepstakes will be awarded to Avalanche Centers in support of motorized-focused projects and programs.

This is a monumental step for the motorized snowsport community, with brands and riders joining together for the common goal of reducing avalanche fatalities among the community. The need for motorized-specific avalanche safety improvements remains significant, and this partnership of like-minded brands and organizations indicates a noteworthy step towards improvements in training, forecasting and infrastructure for the benefit of riders everywhere.

"Avalanche Centers are a key link in the connection between the snowmobiling community and the goal of reducing the impact of avalanches and avalanche accidents,” said Jeff Hambelton, AIARE Motorized Program Manager and NWAC staff member. “With these sweepstakes, we can support Avalanche Centers' efforts to build better tools for the motorized community.”

Following the success of two previous Avalanche Alliance / KLIM sled giveaways, more prizes have been added for 2021. The grand prize is made up of three parts: the Avalanche Alliance 2022 Lynx Boondocker 850, a Fly Racing Snow Gear Package and an Ortovox Safety Gear Package. First prize is a Custom Sled Makeover, where the winner gets their sled upgraded with parts from SLP, IceAge, Seat Concepts, ZBroz and SCS Unlimited. Second prize is a Marlon Xplore Pro II sled deck. Third prize is a 2022 Timbersled Riot 120 S Sport snowbike kit. Fourth prize is a KLIM riding gear kit including top-shelf products like their F3 Carbon Helmet, Lochsa One-Piece, Atlas 26 Avy Pack and Edge Goggles.

The Grand Prize 2022 Lynx Boondocker 850 is loaded with upgrades including a custom SCS Unlimited Wrap, Zbroz A-arm kit, SLP pipe set, SLP Mohawk skis, SLP clutch kit, IceAge rails and a Seat Concepts seat. To make the deal even sweeter, Fly Racing and Ortovox have added their own prize packages to the grand prize to ensure the winner is fully equipped to ride.

Avalanche Centers, while partially funded in the U.S. by the USFS, rely on strong community support for their efforts to present the most up-to-date and useful information for backcountry travelers. Avalanche Centers fund and manage remote weather stations, employ forecasters to track and interpret field and weather data, and increasingly play a leading role in education efforts for underserved populations in the backcountry.

Avalanche safety is extremely important to motorized users. This fundraiser is a way for Avalanche Alliance to join snowmobilers, snowbikers, manufacturers, avalanche centers and others together in support of avalanche safety initiatives. More fundraisers in the future will continue to support these efforts.

Visit to donate for a chance to win! Entries start at $25 for three entries, with seven more donation levels to gain even more entries.

The winners will be announced Dec. 11, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. MST.

Full prize list details:

Grand Prize 2022 Lynx Boondocker 850 w/ the following upgrades:

- Custom SCS Unlimited Wrap

- Zbroz A-Arm Kit

- SLP Pipe Set

- SLP Mohawk Skis

- SLP Clutch Kit

- IceAge Rails

- Seat Concepts Seat

Grand Prize gear packages:

- Fly Racing Snow Gear Package:

- Formula Helmet

- Zone Pro Goggles

- Incline Jacket and Pants

- Heated Title Gloves

- Boulder Boots

- Ortovox Safety Package:

- Free Rider 22 Avabag

- Avabag Cartridge

- 3+ Avalanche Transceiver

- Badger Avalanche Shovel

- ALU 320 Avalanche Probe

First Prize Custom Sled Makeover w/ parts from these companies:


- IceAge

- Seat Concepts

- ZBroz

- SCS Unlimited

- All parts shipped included

Second Prize Marlon Sled Deck:

- Xplore Pro II sled deck

- Delivery included

Third Prize Timbersled Snowbike Kit:

- 2022 Riot 120 S Sport

- Delivery to winner via nearest dealer

Fourth Prize KLIM riding gear kit includes:

- KLIM Lochsa One-Piece

- KLIM F3 Carbon Helmet

- KLIM Atlas 26L Avalanche Backpack

- KLIM Edge Goggle

Avalanche Alliance partnering companies: AIARE, KLIM, Marlon, Fly Racing, Polaris, Seat Concepts, Jon Ferrian’s LiveLARGE Universe, Camso, Starting Line Products, Ice Age, Zbroz, The Mountain Lab, Next Level Riding Clinics, Mountain Skillz, KC711, Iron Dog Team 11, SnoWest Magazine, Iron Dog, SnowTech Magazine.

About Avalanche Alliance

Avalanche Alliance’s mission is to raise avalanche awareness and improve backcountry safety for motorized users. With a full spectrum of focuses ranging from sponsoring beacon check stations to supporting avalanche educators, Avalanche Alliance is at the forefront of avalanche safety improvement. For more information, visit


AIARE was established in 1998 as a nonprofit educational organization to address the need for a nationally recognized curriculum for avalanche education in the USA. Since that time AIARE has developed research-based Professional and Recreational avalanche training for backcountry users in the United States, South America and Europe. AIARE’s Recreational Program is represented by over 110 course providers and 550 AIARE-trained instructors; the Professional Program designs and instructs workplace safety training for professionals working in the avalanche industry. Through these programs, AIARE educates over 19,000 students annually.

In 2017, AIARE created an official Motorized Program aimed to increase educational resources, participation and awareness in the motorized community. Working alongside experts in the snowmobile community, we’ve trained 16 snowmobilers to professional instructor standards, to date, and created motorized-specific training in AIARE’s Recreational and Professional programs.

AIARE’s partnership with the Live Large University (LLU) scholarship fund is intended to support motorized backcountry riders. While AIARE has a robust network of 110 providers in the US, few providers exclusively teach motorized-specific programming. The Live Large University scholarship’s goal is to increase the number of trained motorized professionals, improving the AIARE network's ability to serve the motorized community. The LLU fund awards full and partial scholarships to students taking AIARE Motorized Recreational Courses, PRO 1, PRO 2 and Instructor Training Courses. For more information, visit

About KLIM

KLIM Technical Riding Gear is a global leader in designing, developing, sourcing and distributing the most advanced powersports apparel for snowmobile, motorcycle and off-road riding. Utilizing the world’s most premium technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials, KLIM offers gear for the most demanding riders. Driven by the continual feedback and input from dedicated test pilots and passionate customers, KLIM strives to do one thing above all – enhance the riding experience. For more information, visit

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